The Sibsport Nitrogen Tyre Inflator is a revolutionary, compact handheld nitrogen gas generator that produces moisture free nitrogen gas from compressed air provided by a normal air compressor.

This product offers a cost-effective, reliable and safe alternative to traditional gas supplies such as cylinders, and is currently being used by leading BTCC and GT racing teams, this technology is also used extensively in F1.

// Ease of use
Our Nitrogen tyre inflators can be connected to any compressor and automatically generate nitrogen from compressed air: simple and, above all, inexpensive.

// The technology - hollow fibre membrane
Hollow fibres are like tiny plastic straws. A tube (module) contains thousands of these straws. The space between the ends is glued. Therefore when you pass compressed air through the module, the air is forced inside the fibres. The plastic fibres behave in such a way that their walls ‘like’ the oxygen (O2) and water (H2O) molecules much better than the nitrogen (N2) molecules. The fibres let the O2 and H2O molecules pass through the wall more easily than the N2 molecules. The H2O and O2 molecules can pass through the fibre wall and they leave the module. However, the N2 molecules stay inside the fibre and will be pushed out of the opposite glued end.


The Sibsport Nitrogen Tyre Inflator is used by many racing teams including the race winning Special Tuning Racing British Touring Car Championship team.

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// Download a PDF information sheet here
RRP £526.26 + VAT and carriage


// Benefits of the Nitrogen Tyre Inflator

- The Nitrogen tyre inflator can be connected to any standard compressor

- Delivers Nitrogen, free from any water moisture which can cause tyre over inflation

- Provides a more stable tyre pressure

- Increased tyre life due to more stable tyre pressure and less oxidation of the tyre

- Low investment costs, long term savings as no requirement for gas cylinders

- One cartridge will fill 12,000 tyres with Nitrogen

- Lightweight, mobile, easy to use system without the need for gas cylinders

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